Guaranteed Savings

Istanbul Tourist Pass offers a traveler-friendly cancellation policy that extends to expiry of a pass. Terms under which cancellations and refunds will be managed may differ depending on the status of a pass.

Inactive Passes (New Orders, never used)

If you've purchased your pass within the past 6 months and have never used your pass (no admissions at any attraction, no booking for any service etc.) then your pass is INACTIVE. For Inactive passes, you're entitled to a 100% refund with no cancellation charge. No questions asked.

Active Passes (First use recorded, not yet past the 2, 3 or 7 Day validity)

Your 2, 3 or 7 Day Validity starts counting after your first use of the pass which also ACTIVATES the pass. If for any reason you would like to cancel your pass when your pass is active, there will be a €10 cancellation charge per adult to cover certain operational costs. We will also deduct the total value of attractions you've visited and services you've used. In calculating the total value of used inclusions, we refer the websites (if any) of our suppliers. Any promotion/discount that may be visible on the supplier's web-site will be disregarded as those discounts usually do not apply to us.

Expired Passes (Used, validity expired)

Expired passes are treated very similarly to Active Passes. You can ask to cancel an EXPIRED pass. Similar to the Active Pass case, we'll calculate the total value of what you've used (disregarding any discount and promotion by suppliers) and compare it to the pass price you paid to us. If the total value of what you've used does not exceed what you've paid to us, we'll refund you the difference. There will be a €10 cancellation charge per adult to cover certain operational costs.

Unused Passes (Never used, ordered more than 6 months ago)

If you do not use your pass within the 6 months after purchase, your pass becomes UNUSED. You can still use and activate an Unused Pass; however when it comes to cancellations, we're obliged to charge a €25 cancellation fee per order (not per pass), even if you haven't used your pass; because our banking partner allows us to issue refunds free of charge only until 6 months after original transaction date.