What is the Museum Pass Istanbul?

The Museum Pass Istanbul is your access key to thousands of years of history without having to wait for years at the ticketing queues. It’s a card that also provides lots of discounts and the best thing is that it’s FREE with the Istanbul Tourist Pass. The Museum Pass is valid for 120 hours (5 days), which start counting after you use it for the first time. With the card you can access each museum only once. 1 card is valid for 1 person only.

The Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB) together with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism are in charge of the distribution of the Museum Pass Istanbul cards.

How Much Does the Museum Pass Istanbul Cost?

If you are not interested in the Istanbul Tourist Pass, the price of the Museum Pass is 85.00 Turkish Liras (20.00€ / USD $22.00). Children under the age of 12 don’t need to pay to enter the museums, so you don’t need to buy a card for them.

The price of the card is very good, considering that purchasing the entrance tickets for all the museums included will cost you 45.00€. Moreover, the price of the tickets for the Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace Museums together is 19€. Therefore, for an extra 1€, you get access to 10 additional museums.

Where Can You Buy It?

You can purchase the card separately at any of the following locations:

  • The card is included for free with the Istanbul Tourist Pass.
  • At the ticketing counters located in the entrance of all of the museums included in the card.


Free with Istanbul Tourist Pass

Buy a Pass

Ticket counter queue at Hagia Sophia Museum on May 2017

Take into account that if you decide to buy the card at the ticketing counter, you may have to wait in a long queue like the one you see in this photo (the photo was taken on May 2017), or even longer. Hence, If you mind waiting in the line under the unforgiving summer sun, the blistering winter cold, the rain, before the counter is closed, or don’t want to waste your time in the ticketing queues, just buy it online and present the card at the entrance without having to wait in the line.

Museum Pass Istanbul vs. Istanbul Tourist Pass

If you are wondering whether you should purchase the Museum Pass Istanbul card or the Istanbul Tourist Pass, the following chart will show you the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Keep in mind that Istanbul is more than just museums; therefore you may want to go have dinner in a cruise by the Bosphorus with Turkish dance and musical shows, maybe you will also go to a Turkish bath or the famous Whirling Dervishes ceremony. The price for those activities could be more than 100€ at their retail prices. As a result, it may be more expensive to buy tickets for these attractions separately.


Museum Pass Istanbul Card

The Museum Pass Istanbul is targeted at museum-enthusiasts who want to visit the top museums in Istanbul at the best price possible.


€ 20.00

Hagia Sophia Museum

Topkapı Palace Museum (including Harem)

Hagia Irene Museum

Istanbul Archaeological Museum

Istanbul Mosaics Museum

Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts

Museum of the History of Science and Technology in Islam

Chora Museum

Galata Mevlevi House Museum

Yıldız Palace Museum

Rumeli Hisarı Museum

Fethiye Museum



Istanbul Tourist Pass envelope

Istanbul Tourist Pass is targeted at tourists who want to experience the top touristic attractions Istanbul has to offer at the best price possible.

Starting From

€ 125.00

What Museums Are Included with the Museum Pass Istanbul?

Topkapı Palace in Istanbul

1. Topkapi Palace Museum and Harem

This palace was one of the most magnificent residences of the sultans of the Ottoman Empire and their families. It was also the center of the government during 600 years.

Interior of the Hagia Sophia museum in Istanbul

2. Hagia Sophia Museum

The majestic Hagia Sophia was the largest church in the world during close to a millennium. Nowadays you can see its magnificence as well as its internal beauty as a museum.

Archaeological Museum in Istanbul

3. Archaeology Museum

The Archaeology Museum of Istanbul could be as well the Wikipedia of the ancient world. More than 8,000 years of history of the civilizations that inhabited these lands are on constant display at the museum.

Hagia Irene Museum

4. Hagia Irene

Hagia Irene or Holy Peace, is a Greek Eastern Orthodox church and the first church built in Constantinople. It served as the church of the Patriarchate until the Hagia Sophia basilica was built.

Islamic Arts Museum

5. Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum

The museum hosts an exhibition of rugs woven during the time of the Seljuk Empire, islamic artifacts such as handwritten Qurans and more.

Chora Church Museum

6. Chora Museum

Like may churches of its time, the Chora Church was converted to a mosque and later to a museum. Today you can see the unbelievable original mosaics and frescoes painted on the walls and roofs many centuries ago.

Mosaics Museum in Istanbul

7. Mosaics Museum

The Mosaics Museum houses a collection of well preserved mosaics remnant from the Byzantine Grand Palace.

Museum of the History of Science and Technology in Islam in Istanbul

8. Museum of the History of Science and Technology in Islam

More than 9 centuries of technological and scientific advances made by Islamic scholars in areas such as astronomy, nautics, time measurement, medicine, military techniques and more, grouped in a single place.

Dervishes House in Istanbul

9. Galata Mevlevi House Museum

This museum which is the first Mevlevi house built in Istanbul, depicts the life, culture, music and traditions of a very important branch of the Islamic Sufism, the Dervishes.

Yıldız Palace in Istanbul

10. Yildiz Palace Museum

Little known by foreigners, this palace served as the fourth official seat of the Ottoman Empire. The palace was turned into a luxury casino after the end of the empire, later a guest house for heads of state and royalty. Now it’s a museum.

Rumeli Hisarı Museum

11. Rumeli Hisari Museum

This fortress is located in one of the best places overlooking the Bosphorus, therefor it was very important for the Ottoman forces in order to conquer Constantinople.

Fethiye Museum in Istanbul

12. Fethiye Museum

Another treasure for history lovers. This monastery-turned-mosque-turned-museum was once the house of the Orthodox patriarchate. Nonetheless, it still amazes visitors with its well preserved frescoes.

* All 12 museums are included for free with the Museum Pass Istanbul.

* The Dolmabahçe Palace and Basilica Cistern are not included in the Museum Pass Istanbul.

Where Are The Museums Located?

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