Order online and Activate

If you already purchased a Pass, activate the service in advance (read at the end of the page). You can also purchase the service separately without a Pass, but you also need to activate it.

Receive, Turn on, Connect

The kit will be delivered to the your designated pick-up location. Once you receive it, press the big button on the device to turn it on. Then connect as if you were connecting to your home WiFi network using the password sent to you via email.

Leave at the reception

When your rental period is over, simply leave the device at the reception of your hotel and ask them to ship it back to us.


Free with Istanbul Tourist Pass

Buy a Pass

You will have 1, 3 or 7 GB depending on your Pass validity. You can always extend it for €5 GB/day.


Minimum 3 days.

Buy Separately

If you’re not interested in the Istanbul Tourist Pass, you can buy internet connection separately.

  • No need to change your sim card
  • 1, 3 or 7 GB included depending on the validity of your Pass.
  • Connect up to 10 devices at the same time
  • Use it everywhere in Turkey
  • Complimentary USB travel-charger kit to use with all of your devices
Unlimited Mobile Internet in Istanbul
Why do I have to activate the device?

There are two main reasons why you need to activate your pass: Even though the service is provided for free during the valid dates of your Pass, you may not need it during your stay. For that reason, if you don’t activate it, we will assume you don’t need the service and won’t ship it with your order.

The second one… Some times unexpected things happen! You may be enjoying a trip on the Bosphorus and suddenly a seagull may confuse your device with a tasty fish, grab it from your pocket and take it far far away; or maybe while packing everything in a rush, the Internet Connection kit may end up inside your luggage by mistake on the way to your next destination. Believe us… things happen.

For these and more reasons, during the activation process we freeze €50 from your card and unfreeze them once we get the Internet Connection kit back. When you activate your device we do not take the money, it is still in your card… it’s just frozen.

How long does the delivery take?

We deliver the packages via UPS and we do our best to make sure your package is delivered at least 1 business day before the start date of the rental service. The delivery takes up to 2 business days. For that reason, we suggest you to activate the Internet service at least 4 business days before your arrival or the start date of the rental service.

If you purchased the Istanbul Tourist Pass and you activate your Internet service at least 4 days in advance, the Internet kit along with the museum and transportation cards will be delivered for free before your arrival.

If you forget to activate the service or you purchase the Pass after that period, we can still get it delivered 1 business day in advance (provided you activate it before 14:00) but we will need to use an express delivery service. The cost of the express delivery is €3.00.

  • 1 device per group of 3 people will be shipped (not per Pass or per person).
  • If you need additional kits, you can rent them separately clicking here.
  • Please activate the service at least 4 business days before the Start Date so we can deliver it for free to the hotel. An express delivery fee will apply after that period.
  • We keep the right to limit the service to at least 1 GB per rented day in order to ensure that the service is used for touristic purposes only.