We understand, you have many questions in mind about your trip to Istanbul. Answers may very well be found on the internet; but they’re never as reliable as words by locals and never as easy to reach as by chat.

That’s why we offer free support over WhatsApp

Support over WhatsApp

Who is on the other side of the conversation?

The technology we use WhatsApp with is slightly more advanced than a simple cellphone. Your messages through WhatsApp fall into the screens of our support team. According to your type of request, you get automatically redirected to the relevant party.

For instance, if you have a question about how to get from one airport to another, you get redirected to our concierge specialist. If you have a question about the city’s history, you get redirected to our professional tour guide.

What is the number for WhatsApp?

To ensure fast and comprehensive response quality to our guests, we do not disclose this information publicly. We share the WhatsApp contact number only after purchase, so only our guests benefit from this service.

You can find the WhatsApp number on your order confirmation e-mail and on your Istanbul Tourist Pass.

Is this service offered 7/24?

Yes and no.

Officially, we offer the WhatsApp service during our office hours, that is 10.00am – 6.00pm on weekdays. Your requests during our office hours are guaranteed a fast response.

Once we are out of our office hours, your requests fall into the personal cell-phones of our specialists. According to the urgency of the requests and our specialists’ availability, you may get an answer even during out of office hours. Just to stress this out, no guarantees here.

Can I use this service before and after my trip?

Absolutely! That is when our guests have the most questions, so yes, feel free to contact us prior or after your trip.

What can my requests be about?

You are free to request, simply about anything. We’ll try our best to answer; however we may not be able to find answers for why your last relationship wasn’t like you expected.

To be more precise, you’re not limited to questions about your order or the city. We’ve had guests that had problems with their hotels and asked for our help for instance. We don’t guarantee we can solve it; but we’ll always be behind your back.

What if I have an urgent request out of business hours?

If you have an urgent request out of business hours, you can always call our customer support line (Refer: Contact Page). During non-office hours, you will hear a recording mentioning that; but if you wait, it will say “Press 9 for urgent requests”.