How it works

Order the pass online

Choose your desired pass duration and number of travellers in your party. Make use of great discounts and order instantly via credit card or debit card online. We'll send you your pass via e-mail right away. And your pass will be activated after 15 minutes you get your confirmation e-mail.

Make your reservations

Most experiences will accept walk-ins with your Istanbul Tourist Pass; however, certain experiences and services require advance booking to ensure availability such as the Airport Transfer Service. Try to make your bookings as early as possible to avoid last minute rush. You will find detailed information about experiences and services requiring advance notice on your pass.

Get to your hotel with our transfer service

If you've booked the Istanbul Tourist Pass' arrival airport transfer service, you'll be greeted at the airport by our staff. You'll be taken to your hotel or Airbnb on a shared or private vehicle, depending on your reservation.

Collect your mobile wifi device

If you've chosen to use mobile wifi rental service, Rent 'n Connect will deliver a little device (either at the airport or at your hotel depending on your selection) that lets all your wifi enabled devices to connect to the internet. Make sure you return it to the location of your choice at the end of your stay in Istanbul. Keep it in mind that only 3 days are included for free.

Access Attractions & Experiences

In order to access top experiences and services, only thing you need to do is to show your digital pass e-mailed after your purchase. No printed tickets, no further payments required!
To access the state museums, you need to attend the free guided tours provided. Information about the meeting points and schedules of the tours, as well as all information required for each attraction, is provided in the What's Included? page.

Ask us if you need help

We're ready to answer your queries, should you need our help. Contact us via WhatsApp, Facebook, Online Chat, E-mail or telephone. We'll be with you throughout your trip. Don't forget to take into consideration the time difference while waiting for our reply.