Topkapi Palace Museum (Guided Tour)

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What's there?

Enter one of the most secreted places in history. Topkapı Palace was the primary residence of Ottoman Sultans for more than 600 years and Istanbul Tourist Pass is opening the doors of this marvelous palace to you. Being the most visited museum of Turkey, the Topkapı Palace not only shows you how a Sultan’s life was, but also many exhibitions of great variety. The Topkapı Palace witnessed the Ottoman history since the conquest of Constantinople, now it is your turn…

Don’t waste valuable time you could spend inside the magnificent museum. Skip the long ticket queues and spend it witnessing the sultans’ palace instead.

The Topkapı Palace was the house of the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire, who were once ruling over lands spanning 3 continents. It was built during the reign of the sultan who conquered Constantinople, Sultan Mehmed II; used as the headquarter of the empire until the Dolmabahçe Palace was built, and converted to a museum in 1924.

Imperial Harem

The Imperial Harem was the private section dedicated to the family of the Sultan and their servants. The number of people living inside was so considerable that the harem at the Topkapı Palace included close to 400 apartments. Access to this area was usually restricted to the Sultan and very close relatives. Likewise, leaving the harem required an special authorization. The harem also had some political influence in the empire. Some of the women in it gained so much power that they had a saying in the government affairs. This was specially the case when the newly elected Sultans were not old enough to be able to rule.

What's Included?

An amazing skip-the-line guided tour where you will be able to visit the magnificent palace, starting with the exterior and interior courtyards, following by a visit to all the rooms and exhibition halls (such as the imperial kitchen, treasury, arms room, and more, EXCLUDING the Imperial Harem).

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Admission included

Avoid paying the €15 tour fee to the Topkapi Palace Museum and skip the ticket queues with Istanbul Tourist Pass.

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Hours & schedule

  • Monday: NO TOURS
  • Tuesday: NO TOURS - the museum is closed
  • Wednesday thru Sunday: 14:00

The approximate duration is 60 minutes

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How to get there?

The tour starts from the first gate of the palace located in the outter wall.
The palace is located close to the Sultanahmet Square, next to the Hagia Sophia museum. It can be reached via the T1 Tram Line and then walking 5 minutes to the palace.

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The guided tours are performed in English.

The tour starts from the first gate of the palace located in the outter wall. Click on Get Directions above to find the location.

The tour doesn't require a reservation in advance.

Istanbul Tourist Pass holders do not pay admission at the Topkapı Palace Museum.

Please note that this attraction cannot be accessed directly by presenting the digital Pass at the museum. You need to enter with the tour guide.

Children younger than 12 years will be asked to present their valid passport at the entrance of the museums in order to validate their age.

The museum is closed for visits for half-day on the first day of Ramadan (21st of August, 2018) and Sacrifice Festivals.

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  • "Enjoyed this palace very much. Basically, it is large and interesting. The sense of serenity and peace in the courtyard is the best. The view is good too. Do visit "

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  • "Topkapi keeps inside its values, which are worth being seen! The policy of "no picture" in holly museum is a crap! Everyone should know and review whats there! Wonderful place! ?>"

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